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We can see the Press around it now….. Just imagine… 


RESTO MY RIDE Builds NED Whisky Bar on Wheels  

Hi Jason and Matt,

Remember us? The last time we were actually allowed out in Melbourne, we spent the day with you guys and your awesome team! How great is that photo of the three of us?

Recently Matt made contact with us about preparations for consideration for NED to participate in the Variety Bash 2021. Later that day, and over a couple of NED’s Dec and I decided that we wanted to build NED more than just a Bash car…

The best ideas always come to us over Whisky!

So, here is the idea….

We know how to build cars! And we have an International TV show that will soon be airing on Australia’s number one free to air TV network, Channel 9.

We are pretty boastful of the fact that we are Australia’s first and only car Resto show that has made it to the Big Screens and we are really stoked about out relationships with the network powerhouses and our future for the show, Resto my Ride.

When we heard about NED potentially going on the Variety Bash in 2021… our collective marketing minds literally went in to overdrive!

So, this is what we are thinking….

Resto my Ride –  Well, Dec – the other infamous Irish Aussie Guy – builds you a NED Promo vehicle, that not only allows you to participate in the Variety Bash but also gives you a functional and real promo vehicle that can go to any event.

Here are some cool ideas we had….

AND.. We film it…..All of it!!    We make an entire episode of Resto my Ride about the NED build and the NED story!

We will need to really formulate this over a few more NED and Drys, but we can tell you that we are really good at making engaging content!

We see a complete showcase of the brand. Who you are, where you came from and where you are going!  And, we can put you on a local and International platform.. and lets face it, once the networks get a hold of the content – they flog the life out of it! You can guarantee that the episodes are seen multiple times – over and over…

Not to mention the content we can create as we are building the car!

A real journey that people will want to follow..

Firstly – We are very passionate Variety Bashers and the most important thing is that you guys support the Amazing Cause that is Variety and everything that they do! As Board Members of Variety and passionate Bashers, we will first and foremost assist you in doing this…



But we know that there is a greater opportunity here…..

Resto my Ride can deliver you something that will really benefit NED for many years….

We want to share all our ideas and get to know you more and see where we can really take our brands collectively and the best way to do this is over a few NED and Dry’s..

Lets organise a catch up to discuss in more detail – even if it is virtually…. When are you free?

Sam and Dec

PS: Heres a little more about us below…

“Workshop antics, petrol filled veins, the pressure mounts to get each Resto completed. With time not usually on their side and things not always going to plan, the team turns everything from family heirlooms to barn finds in to Resto’d Rides”


Under the watchful eye of Dec McKearney, Resto my Ride showcases a unique team of Aussie panel beaters, spray painters and mechanics who share a passion to bring older rod, muscle, classic and custom vehicles back to their former glory.

Resto my Ride is the Torque of the town, with the Worldwide Premiere of Season 1 broadcast on Global Entertainment powerhouse, Discovery Networks Automotive channel, MotorTrend TV


The Australian Home Grown car restoration show, Resto my Ride is the first Australian Car restoration TV show to be welcomed in to the MotorTrend family to be broadcast alongside internationally renowned, fan favourite Car shows like “Fast n Loud” – “Overhaulin” –  “Bitchin’ Rides” and “Top Gear”. A tremendous and rare feat for a home-grown Australian series, and tribute to the superb work being done by the cast and crew of Resto my Ride Australia.


Broadcast across the globe including in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia, Resto my Ride is currently in production for Season Two with more cool Aussie Resto’s to showcase to the world.

The Nine Network is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network and is the highest-rating television network in Australia. 

9RUSH, the home of high adventure, high octane and high adrenaline reality programming, delivering premium, free to air first content. A 24-hour male reality obsession, targeting Males 24 – 50.

Resto my Ride will also be available to view on 9Now – 9’s destination for live streaming and on demand content.


Discovery Networks – The Global leader in real life entertainment and one of the world’s largest content distributors with a estimated reach of over 480 million households. Available in 220 countries and territories and 50 languages, reaching viewers on all screens and services, from linear, free-to-air and pay–TV channels, digital products, streaming services, social & mobile-first content formats.

In all major cable and satellite markets:

USA – Canada – Asia Pacific- Europe, Middle East and Africa ( EMEA ) – Latin America

Motor Trend Group – owned by Discovery Networks is the largest automotive media company in the world, bringing together Discovery’s fast-growing Velocity and Turbo network and a vast automotive digital, direct-to-consumer, social and live event portfolio.

Motor Trend is the #1 television destination for automotive fans and reaches in to approximately 73 million American Homes.

Motor Trend On Demand (MTOD), is Motor Trends premium video-on-demand service, available virtually worldwide.

And this is who we are at home.. … and how much we really LOVE NED!

Give us a call.. We really would love the opportunity to work with you guys on something really awesome..

Sam – 0407 028 554     Dec – 0481 357 079